Friday, February 22, 2013

My "Great Day" Birthday

Well, I can't end a perfect day without dropping a line or two.  I turned 68 years old today and feel about 50.  Feel incredibly blessed by many people and many things.  Wally made my birthday so special today in so many ways.  First with a nice breakfast and then with the most beautiful card I have ever received.  It was very simple and gracious and elegant and the words expressed perfect!!  Then we went to the gym and walked on the treadmill.  Have been doing this for about a month now pretty regularly.  Today I tried to do a sort of interval walking.  I walked for ten minutes at a speed of 3.7 and then slowed to 3.0 for five and then repeated it (an hour long, actually 65 min.).  Helen and I took a birthday treat to a RS sister and then she gave me a treat and a really nice plant.  Wally took me to PF Changs and we shared a lettuce wrap and each had a yummy dessert.  I saved most of mine for later. The Moreno Family (our sweet next door neighbors) brought over a dozen white roses from the whole family. Wally fixed a nice supper (I wanted BLTs ) and we also had cream of mushroom soup, peeled orange, and for dessert Wally put a candle in the rest of my cake and sang Happy Birthday to me.  I skyped with Elizabeth and Bridget and got to see her all smiley and she talked with me in her little language.  Wally gave me my birthday books from him "Increase in Learning, Act in Doctrine" by Elder Bednar and "Opening the Heavens" edited by our friend Jack Welch.  We spent most of the evening just sitting on the couch together reading and my journaling (very, very nice).  Elizabeth made me really nice birthday card and emailed it to me with a photo of Bridget taken just a few days ago.  Carlie, Heather, and Mindy gave me a back facial and facial with Carlie at Marinellos on Wed. evening (really nice and relaxing).   Lots of birthday facebook wishes, texts, and calls made for an awesome birthday.  Oh yes and I started out the day at 130 pounds.  I reached my intermediate weight goal by my birthday!!